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Haines Career Center -Bulletin 1206A -Shaman Project

Aging Shaman Project personnel presents opportunities for next generation staff. Shaman Project is managed by Haines Companies, world leader in research and innovation, providing technology across a broad range of human endeavor. Haines suggests that serious aspirants review the Shaman Project Knowledge Base, links provided on this page, prior to the submitting their candidacy documents for review. Interested parties should address their inquiries by email to: contact@shamangene.com. NOTE: Successful applicants must receive Level 8 (highest possible) security clearance from Haines Companies and the federal government prior to appointment to their respective positions.

All appointees receive generous compensation including the following perks: 

  • A spacious flat on the high security residential level at Haines International Headquarters in downtown Las Vegas. Flat will be designed to participant’s specification,
  • 24/7 gourmet food service prepared by international renowned Chef Piero Giovanni and his staff,
  • Unlimited international travel with appropriate tailored wardrobe and accessories,
  • Unlimited access to Haines executive athletic and entertainment facilities, including the high caliber target range,
  • Unlimited access to the Haines Executive Library, located on the high security residential level. Participants will also share in Haines VIP status with all the major libraries of the world,
  • Admittance to and use of any Haines research facility,
  • Personal body guards when desired or required

   Openings and prerequisites are summarized below.

Opening - Haines Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

After 35 years, CEO Stephanie Noble will retire upon the selection of an appropriate replacement. Current Chief Research Officer and previous CEO, Herman Rothe, will remain on staff to advise the new appointee regarding corporate and technological matters. Mister Rothe, is the inventor and co-licensee with Haines Companies on nearly 85% of the Haines intellectual property inventory.


  • A command of mathematics, with emphasis in statistics related to decision analysis and other mathematical methods for selecting optimum lines of research funding, product development, and for setting high level corporate strategies,
  • Excellent verbal skills with the ability to reduce complex concepts to simple terms when communicating with the general public, the media, and others who may not have a strong grasp of math and the physical sciences, such as the Haines Executive Board,
  • Clearness of mind and ability to exercise rational decision making quickly in high pressure situations,
  • Acceptance into the Sisterhood, as stipulated contractually between Haines Companies and the Piute Nation
  • Ability to acquire top level Haines and federal clearance

Opening – Haines Director of Security

Also after 35 years in charge of the Haines Security team, Marie Rothe, daughter of Herman Rothe, will be stepping down to join her life long companions, Stephanie Noble and Charlene Springwater, in the management of the Sisterhood Institute, to be established on Henderson extension property donated by the Piute Nation.


  • Intricate knowledge of computer systems, and the FBI, CIA, and Interpol databases, ability to translate extensive volumes of data into action plans quickly, and if necessary without computer assistance,
  • Knowledge of emerging forensic investigative methods and equipment,
  • Familiarity with known arms, martial arts, and experimental weaponry,
  • Ability to implement state of the art surveillance, security, and communications systems, using advanced technologies under development by Haines, the world leader in security,
  • Ability to coordinate with state, tribal and federal law enforcement, assisting these agencies with state of the art investigative technologies in cases of Haines interest,
  • Ability to acquire top level Haines  and federal clearance, and to develop a detailed knowledge of Haines interests in national and world security efforts, including the Shaman Project,
  • Extraterrestrial ancestry not required, but helpful

Shaman Project Advisory Board Medieval Expertise

The board lost its expertise in the medieval era when Camille Monet and Jules Welling resigned their positions, electing to remain in medieval Palestine during their recent corporate visit there.

Requirements, can be divided between two positions: 

  • Knowledge of medieval languages and literature – Ability to speak medieval French, English, and preferably Arabic, detailed familiarity with literature of the age, particularly obscure documents located in European and Middle East libraries of antiquity, demonstrated by PhD and published status in one or more areas.
  • Detailed knowledge of medieval European, Saracen, and Far Eastern weaponry and methodology, as well as modern military weapons and methods which might be applied surreptitiously in a medieval environment, military special forces type service preferred.
  • Extensive familiarity with the courtly practices of European and Saracen societies, particularly the courts of Eleanor of Aquitaine and her son Richard First (known as Lion Heart), knowledge of Nizari Ismaili philosophy and culture, a strong plus, demonstrated by PhD and published status in one or more areas.

Shaman Project Participant

Two participants have left the project to pursue other interests. Emil il’ Habri, assisted by his wife Charlene Springwater, has established a clinical practice using psychokinetic particle control to cure cancer and other genetic disorders. Matthew Krause, the original participant, has left the project for a humanitarian relief mission to an undeclared location known only to the departing Haines executive staff. Participant positions are open to ALL qualifying applicants.


  • Physical and mental fitness, a plus
  • A strong training in logic based systems, such as physics, mathematics, languages, or other rigorous systems, a plus
  • Interest in and desire to explore and experience remote, dangerous and unusual environments, exotic belief systems and cultures, a strong plus
  • Shaman genetic ancestry, required.