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Legendary Times Forum

Ancient Aliens & Alien Survivorman

Intervention: Divine, Alien, or Time-traveler?

Project Moon

Moses & the Ark

Egyptian Mysteries, Kabbalah, Masonry, Rosicrucians

Howard Hughes

Haines Shaman Project (fictional)

Knights Templar, Assassins, Lionheart & Crusades, Saint Bernard

Decision Analysis and other ways of thinking

Jesus, Christians, Kumran, Dead Sea Scrolls

Early Civilization

A Far Traveler






UFOs, Aliens and Other Phenomena of Interest (Sites and Blogs)

Ghostly Publishing: Small sci-fi and fantasy press looking for authors

Sci-fi Joint: A very fun site. Just watching the intro is fun

Alien-UFO-Research: Great website with loads of information and activity

Allies of Humanity: So close to my shaman gene series that I think they must be feeding me info when I sleep.

Kate Valentine, UFO Show: High quality interviews and discussion

Podcast UFO: Online interviews, videos and presentations about UFO events.

Hunters of the Unknown: Interesting paranormal website. See map in tab: Portal51.

Paranominal: Phenomenal amount of information and links etc.

Knight's Paranormal Research : Drama in the paranormal all right there on your computer screen, or whatever you use.

CCO: conspiracy stuff and lots of it. If you're paranoid, you've found your home.

Fringe Radio: A well put together website on all weird stuff. Best of all you can keep up on Ranae, the only thing interesting about "Finding Bigfoot".

Aerial Phenomena:  A real science-based investigation of UFO's. A fun site to dig into.

Science Fiction: Active sci-fi site. Lots of stuff, even music.

Paranormal Romance Guild: Motto is "Romance and passion is first and foremost".  I agree, preferably when I'm not reading

UFO_tube: Fun animation and music.

Books, Editors, Blogs,  and Related Things 

Reviewz 'N' Tips:  Solid advice from an 18 year old

Pre-Columbian Americas: Information about Americas before Columbus and books by Zoe Saadia

Melissa Foster Book-Author Promotion: Helps authors get their platform together

World Weaver  Press: Scifi / fantasy publisher with openings in various categories. Keep checking back

The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Daily:  Sci-fi / fantasy newspaper. Lots of neat articles and fun.

The Indie Book Collective:  A good place to find books by independent authors, or for a author to place books.

Pauline Nolet:  Editor Extraordinaire, thorough, reasonable, and a nice person.

DeepWood Publishing: Fantasy / sci-fi publisher giving writers a chance to be published, check it out.

WordlessTech:  New science daily.  I make no claims about the veracity of what they put there

The Nature Site:  Good science stuff


The Logical Effect : A good counterpoint to me.

The Red Pen of Doom: Tips on writing

Book Tweeting Service: Helps promote your book.  Let me know how it works for you.

@Lonelyplanet : They're a big travel guide organization, so what are they doing here? They say they'll retweet posts of travel value. That would be 650,000 retweets!

BuddySEO: She's a website consultant

Lime Bird Writers: For and about writers, limeys, I think

Fantasy Gazette: A way to get info out about your fantasies, or fantastical stories, or whatever. I write sci-fi/fantasy.

Goodreads:  Find books to read posted by those who you trust

[more to be added as I have time. Let me know about your site and services.]

Alien and other Paranormal Fiction


[more to be added as I have time. Let me know what you are doing that is related.]

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